Stuck in a rut with your social media followers? Seeing engagement slide, or followers hovering over the same mark for months? It’s time to shake up your social strategy. Check out these four tips and learn how you can start on your upward trajectory:


Partner with complementary brands to offer exclusive giveaways to the Instaverse (aka the world of IG). Contests can be a huge hit when you have the right combination of brands participating. By creating an offer with value, you’re likely to elevate your following quickly.


Team up with a local influencer to share your brand’s story. It’s important to research your options first. Ask for media kits, analytics and rates to determine who is the best fit for you. It’s also crucial to trust their content—partnerships can be risky, but when done well, you can excel.

Sponsored posts.

Give social ads a try. Facebook, Instagram and Google offer robust advertising options that allow you to customize your outreach demographics and analyze your results. Start with small investments in the double-digit range and increase your budget as you get more comfortable.

A social SEO strategy.

Proper use of hashtags and tagging on social media are crucial. Take time to see what hashtags your competitors are using, what’s trending online, and how you can stay top-of-mind for the millions of users on social media. Your content is only one part of your social SEO strategy. The more relevant and targeted your hashtags are, the more you increase your chances of reaching a target audience that will engage with your posted content. You can also increase your visibility by tagging the right partners in your posts—don’t overlook this very important step.