Don’t show up to your next brand photoshoot empty handed. With the right props, you can let the photo tell the story and look more natural doing it. Here are the top three props that you should always have on hand for brand photoshoots:

Coffee mug.

Who doesn’t love coffee? A coffee mug is synonymous with the hustle of entrepreneur life. Bonus points if you have a cheeky saying on it.  


Show off your personality by shooting with your favourite day planner. Not only is it a great prop, but it exudes the sense of organization and the boss babe vibes we know you want to be known for.

Phone or laptop.

Werk it! And, show us how you do it. Get your phone or laptop out and get some candid, in-the-moment shots of you busy at work. These are amazing for your social feeds and give you the ability to show yourself in action.

Bonus tip: Start up your own brand prop box; adding pieces as you go along. Once you have a consistent approach to your props, you’ll find that it’s easier to stay on brand, everytime.