Want to boost engagement and build a strong following on Instagram, but not sure where to start? We got you, boo. Use these tips and then sit back, relax, and watch your numbers grow:

Plan ahead.

This helps to be timely, use hashtags for special recognition days that relate to your brand, and avoid burnout. We recommend using a content management tool that can auto-post your content and help you plan your content weeks in advance.

Create copy that speaks to your audience.

Inject your personality, stay on-brand and use hashtags and emojis. Follow our tips to write catchy and engaging Instagram captions. 

Post high-quality, engaging content.

How do you determine what that is? Well. What types of photos make you stop scrolling through IG and double-tap? When posting a photo, think to yourself—is this Instagram-worthy? Instagram is a visual-based platform. Content is key, yes, but you don’t get people to read your caption without an eye-grabbing image, video, or Reel attached to it.

Engage with niche accounts.

Try and post at least 10 authentic comments on like-minded niche accounts every day. Use a minimum of three words, but remember, the more the merrier!

Use other social apps to drive traffic.

Pinterest is just one of the great platforms to use to connect with like-minded accounts and find inspo for your niche. Through third-party apps like Tailwind, you can find Tailwind Tribes (large groups of niche accounts) and help drive traffic to your Instagram through links on your Pinterest pins.