When working with companies, the first thing we suggest is conducting a brand audit. This helps to determine the roses and thorns—AKA what’s working and what’s not.

In most cases, we can quickly recognize this number one mistake—whether you’re just starting out or your brand has been in the biz for years. And yes, those clients matter too! They’ve been in business for a long time because their product/service sells, so who cares if their brand makes this ongoing mistake? Well babes, if your successful business of 20+ years is thriving but struggling to reach new audiences or expand its market, this is why. 

So… What is it? What’s that one missing key to unlocking your brand’s full potential?

Consistency. It’s key.

Brand consistency is often overlooked when companies don’t have clearly defined brand guidelines in place. Inconsistency leads to unfollows, zero leads, a struggle to expand markets, and so many more no-nos.  

To create a consistent use of the organization’s brand identifiers and messaging, you need to start with brand guidelines—and yes, this means covering the ground both internally (within your company) and externally (with the world). 

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